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ETA – Book reviews and feedback

Dear readers,

Express your comments/give us feedback/review ETA – Estimated Time of Arrest here.

Miss Nyet



  1. ETA is a thriller that is *un-put-down-able* Delphine’s ability for descriptive writing is excellent. I was drawn into the story and experience. The author’s tale is a twisting of plot and sensuality along with earthreal adventure! This novel kept me up all night until I read the last page! The plot bounces back and forth to keep the reader hungry for the next twist in the adventure! The smells and terrain of the countryside add to the excitement of the theme! Bravissima!
    lenore repel

  2. I highly recommend Delphine Pontvieux’s impressive first novel ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest as a definite purchase to fulfill a variety of reading interests. Part political thriller, part romantic suspense, the novel is the perfect read for book clubs and for individual tastes, as well. Ms Pontvieux’s work captures the Basque conflict of nationalism that has involved Northern Spain and parts of Southwestern France since the 1960’s. The author has masterfully integrated this background with a compelling plot that is intriguing and engaging and rich in characterization and imagery. Readers will be captivated by the “twists and turns” of this real page-turner and will finish ETA with hopes of seeing a subsequent novel by Ms. Pontvieux sooner rather than later.
    – J.M, Master of Arts in Library Science

  3. ETA on
    December 17, 2009 – 10:04 am
    Posted in BOOK REVIEWS
    Leave a Comment is THE website for everything Basque and the Basque people.
    Buber’s Basque Page and forum contain many contributions from volunteers from all over the world. The topics span history, language, sports and games, folklore, politics, and genealogy, among many others.
    Read the article here and see the readers’comments:

  4. YK, chicago
    Posted December 20, 2009 at 10:28 am
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    Among the many talents of Ms. Pontvieux, telling a story is one that she can add to her repertoire. Upon finishing the prologue of ETA, I was immediately drawn to the shell of the story. Page by page, i was enthralled by the many layers of this thriller that not only captures the essence of the Basque conflict but also of human nature. Ms. Pontvieux’s writing style is mesmerizing in its character building and imagery, making you feel as if you too were on the journey with Lartaun and Faustine. A highly recommended read for anyone, this is truly a work of fiction at its best.

  5. Ipar Ameriketako Euskal Elkarteak

  6. p.45
    December 10, 2009 – 10:57 am
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    November 22, 2009 – 12:31 pm
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    Adds ETA to its thriller listings:

  8. “Estimated Time of Arrest” is a fast-paced and entertaining story which teaches a lot about the Basque Country and its strive towards independence, as well as the beauty of the Pyrenees Mountains. The two young protagonists are fresh and believable characters, with whom one identifies with pleasure.

  9. I absolutely loved it!!!! I started reading it on the plane and I finished it at 3am the same night! I couldn’t put it down. You did such a great job weaving the history and the characters and plot. I loved the flashbacks. The climbing awesome. The lovers awesome! I want me some of that!



  10. ETA reviewed in pyrenees passion

  11. Au départ assez sceptique, j’ai très vite compris que je ne le lacherais pas {ce livre} facilement. Cette histoire très attachante et palpitante, dont les protagonistes mènent rondement une intrigue très bien ficelée, crédible, révèle un vrai talent. Excellent suspense qui tient le lecteur en haleine jusqu’au bout, ce n’est ma foi, pas si fréquent!
    Ton amour du pays basque, ta connaissance des vallées pyrénéennes permet au lecteur de découvrir une région, un peuple fier, frustré, chez qui la violence latente s’exprime souvent par des actes d’une insoutenable barbarie. Tu manies explosifs et armes de combat comme d’autres poussent une brouette….avec une aisance stuféfiante, et je suis épatée par ta connaissance de tous nos services spéciaux et variés (GIGN, DST, RG, etc)
    En quelques phrases, tu as trouvé tous les ingrédients d’un excellent scénario, des héros intrépides, jeunes et forcémment beaux, d’autres allumés par une violence terrifiante, bien réelle, et un aveuglement encore plus terrifiant. Et puis, comment résister au charme et au regard si étrange de Rafael-Lartaun, à son coté chevalier justicier?
    Quant au titre, c’est une vraie trouvaille; chapeau! mais intraduisible en français.
    Un dernier point, important à mes yeux: tu m’as éclairée sur la genèse du mouvement indépendantiste basque espagnol: c’est bien au franquisme dans sa pire expression que celui ci a pris racine; hélas, la violence attire la violence, cela se vérifie chaque jour, partout dans le monde.
    Maud C., FRANCE.

    • Jennifer H. Toronto
    • Posted February 1, 2010 at 11:12 am
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    Just finished the book this morning. It was a perfect mix of romance, adventure and politics. The further you get into this book, the harder it becomes to put it down!

  12. the young girl I met more than 20 years ago is very impressive, cause her book is fantastic.
    You can believe me, you can read it in one night, listening “Kortatu”.
    I hope it will be a french movie, perhaps could you contact “Luc Besson”.
    Have a funny life, a long success and good luck to Delphen King !!

  13. Delphine was able to hold the readers interest throughout the whole story,which is what a writer stirves to do.Great job from a
    knew writer, hope to see more from Delphine soon.

  14. Highly recommended! Estimated Time of Arrest is an adventure full of surprises and romance. Ms. Pointvieux’s brilliantly written fiction novel will take you away on a historical journey where the reader will become enthralled with the plot’s exciting twists and the humanity of the fully-developed characters. Once you start it, you won’t be able to put it down until the very last page. I definitely foresee a sequel on the horizon!

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