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Jessica Cage, freelance journalist and writer for the examiner, wrote this article for CBS CHICAGO NEWS website.

What makes it even better for us at Miss Nyet Publishing is, we had no idea it was coming out until the article popped up in a google alert message! So thank you, Jessica Cage, for enjoying Delphine Pontvieux’s first effort so much you put it on top of your top five list of independent Chicago authors and publishers to watch out for!

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ETA-ESTIMATED TIME OF ARREST has been chosen as a top 20 pick for Father’s day gift books.

With 40 reviews and 4.8 stars on Amazon, and a story packed with action and adventure, this is one book that will grab and keep their attention!

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Buy or download ETA-ESTIMATED TIME OF ARREST in hardcover or digital format (for 2.99!) on Amazon today:

“The book is just like the eyes on the cover: different. The abbreviation ETA reflects the fate of one of the main characters,  Lorenzo Lartaun Izcoa. However, ETA of course, also stands for Euskadi Ta Askatasuna. The author gives an overview of the Basque Nationalist and Separatist Organization. As we learned recently, the ETA announced an end to violence. Whether this will truly be the end remains to be seen as the ETA did not announce what they will do with their weapons supply and what it will do to ensure that no splinter organization carries on violent campaigns with ETA signature actions.

Back to the book …



Delphine Pontvieux’s writing in her international thriller “ETA: Estimated time of Arrest,” is “inspired”, Dan Burns writes in his review for CWA’s book review site, Windy City Reviews.


Here are a few excerpts from the article:


The writing exhibited in ETA, simply put, is inspired. Writers are often told to “write what you know,” and Ms. Pontvieux has done just that. The lush descriptions of the Basque region of northern Spain and the majestic and elaborate details used to create a visual for the reader of the mountains and valleys of southern France are details and descriptions of as seasoned traveller.


As a storyteller, Ms. Pontvieux has shared with us not only what she knows, but also her skill and craft at weaving a interesting plot that never loses its focus.


I was impressed with Ms. Pontvieux’s deliberate attention to character development. Juggling the storylines of more than twenty characters in a novel is a challenge, but ensuring that each of those characters is unique and interesting is a true test of a writer’s ability. Her primary characters certainly stand out as noteworthy and impressionable people, but even the characters with the smallest roles remained memorable for me long after I put the book down.


We read novels and stories to get away from our daily routine, to learn something new, and to travel to places that are dear to us or that we may only dream about. We read to experience what the author has experienced, what the author knows, and the unique perspective that the author brings to the story. ETA has delivered on all counts.


ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest is a tightly wound story of international intrigue and suspense, splashed across a canvas of European landscapes, environmental and political causes, and the art of mountain climbing.


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Delphine Pontvieux is featured on the front page of the Digital Book Review today, with a book review of ETA in addition to an entertaining interview.

You can read it all here:




here is the link as well:

We are pleased to see another great review for ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest!

Here is an excerpt:

“The author did an outstanding job of weaving all the story elements together and created a rich, spellbinding story. I highly recommend this as a great suspense/thriller for anyone who loves the genre.”

You can read the whole review here and feel free to leave a comment/reaction on the blog.

The title quickly intrigued me, being a student of current political history and geography as well as current events, a novel on the Basque Region and its fight for independence caught my immediate attention.

The structure, description of the events and characters via brief chapters makes you want to read on, as you know sooner or later, the reason for inclusion will be revealed–and you cannot wait! The plot unfolds with lots of intrigue and visualizing on the part of the reader. It forces you to project & attempt to scope out what will occur next, but you are never really sure.

Having spent a good portion of my life involved with many of the world’s cultures, yet having been raised in a very localized finite part of America, I could readily envision being right there in the Basque region experiencing what I was reading. Very well written and organized.

I understood the characters and the events that could create the plot as laid out; this is a thought provoking look at current events and what similar situations can lead too throughout the world.

The author seems to have such an intimate knowledge of people and events that you feel it is a story of a part of her life–True?

ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest, Delphine Pontvieux’s first novel, received yesterday the National Indie Excellence Book Award in the “thriller” category.

These are fantastic news, especially with Printers row lit fest coming up soon in Chicago (june 4 and 5th).

Miss Nyet publishing will be present at the much celebrated literary fest, and Delphine Pontvieux will be present on both days of the event to sign copies of her novel.

What is the NIEA?

The National Indie Excellence Book Awards® contest is judged by an independent experts from all aspects of the indie book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. They select award winners and finalists based on overall excellence of presentation.

Ellen Reid, President of the National Indie Excellence Book Awards®  has built a highly successful career producing excellence for clients and with her own award-winning book, Putting Your Best Book Forward: A Book Shepherd’s Secrets for Producing Award- Winning Books that Sell. As a book shepherd and book consultant, she has mastered the fine art of directing teams of professionals so that a synergy develops making the end product far greater than the sum of the individual parts.

It is on this solid foundation that Ellen manages the Indie Excellence awards. She draws upon the practical, in-the-trenches experience of noted and award winning professionals from all aspects of the publishing and book production field to select the books that demonstrate excellence in cover design, copywriting, and interior layout, as well as overall feel and execution.

Ellen’s deft eye guides the judging process and contest winners can be proud and confident that the award attests to the excellence of their efforts in producing an outstanding book. Indie Excellence Awards is a trademark of Smarketing. Copyright 2007-2011. All Rights Reserved.

here is the press release from NIEA today:

For Immediate Release                       Beverly Hills, CaliforniaThe National Indie Excellence Book Awards Salutes the BEST of the BEST in 2011

Independent and self-published titles roar to the forefront of excellence in numerous genres

Beverly Hills, CA – In the pinnacle year of the self-published book , The National Indie Excellence Book Awards is ahead of the curve with the announcement of the 5th Annual National Indie Excellence Award Winners, Finalists and the recipients of the Sponsor’s Choice Prizes.

Today Ellen Reid, founder of The National Indie Excellence Book Awards, released the Winners and Finalists of this year’s contest www, said…

“Excellence is not easy to achieve and the book industry needs it more than ever…the NIEA salutes authors and publishers who make excellence a priority” said Reid

Competition for the top spots is fierce with prizes exceeding $12,000 in value and the priceless opportunity to have one-on-one coaching with inside industry experts including top media and PR consultants, marketing experts and others.

With a number self-published authors exceeding sales of 100,000 copies and six and seven figures in revenue, authors and small presses are flourishing and so is the quality of books across the board.

Next year’s 2012 Award application deadline is April 30, 2012. For information and to enter, please visit:

“The judges for this competition are industry leaders that take their responsibility very seriously. We had the best pool of submissions ever and it was not easy because of the excellent books we received in every category this year. I am constantly thrilled at the outstanding work we’re seeing,” Reid said.

Be sure to read more about ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest on our site (you can read the book prologue for free) and we thank all the fans for their tremendous support. Keep on reading, and keep on telling your friends about us.

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