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Save the date!

Attend the B&N literary fair in Rockford, IL and meet Chicago author Delphine Pontvieux.

When: Sept. 10, 2011

Place: Barnes & Noble at the Cherry Vale Mall

7200 Harrison Ave., Rockford, IL  61112   Tel. 815-332-3069

All day event.

Panel discussion about fiction writing with Delphine Pontvieux and other fiction writers :  4:00-5:00 pm                   

Meet and greet with Delphine Pontvieux and book signing: 5:30-6:30 pm

Check out in a week or so when the September events are listed on the website.

This is the first time Pontvieux is coming to Rockford. Chicago fans, please show your support by forwarding this information via facebook, twitter or email (use the buttons below for an easy one-step click and send) to all your contacts in the Rockford area.



  1. Thank you for a great post.

  2. Pulitzer prize stuff there.

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