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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Please find another interview with Delphine Pontvieux here on free-lance zone magazine.

Today we have another interview to share with you….please welcome author Delphine Pontvieux…

1. How did you wind up a writer?

I always enjoyed writing, and I am also an avid reader. When I was a teenager, I used to write short stories on an electronic IBM typewriter my dad gave me (to replace my mechanic typewriter in the mid 80s.) Then, after university, I started working. Other than writing marketing plans, I did not get much creative writing done. Then, a few years ago, I was asked to write a series of articles for a scuba diving publication. i realized how much i enjoyed writing them, thus i started writing more articles for other magazines. Then one day I woke up from a dream I definitely needed to put down on paper, which i did. That’s how I realized, four chapters in, that I was writing a novel…and that was how it happened.

Read the next 4 questions and answers here:


Here is an inspiring article written by James Oh, of the “profile of authors” blog fame, who also writes the “lift you up blog.”

His latest article discusses the motto “never too late,” and quotes Delphine Pontvieux’s achievements to make his point across. Thank you Mister Oh! (Even though she says ‘she’s not worthy, she ‘s not worthy’…)


VERY WARM WELCOME TO THIS UPLIFTING BLOG,Her motto “NEVER TOO LATE” sounds very familiar to me and I have prescribed to this formula very successfully. As such, I like to share with you with my experience because I have achieved some success through this formula. That’s why I dare to step forward to vouch for this formula, with the hope that you too will prescribe to it without any hesitation. At least, we have done every possible means to pass the benefits to our readers, as a token of our appreciation for reading this uplifting blog.

I recalled when I was introduced to this motto for the very first time and I was so excited. It instantly touched my heart so deeply. Today, I have the great pleasure to share with my blog readers, who have taken the initiative to make life changing decisions to pursue their dreams. Here, I strongly believe that it is the main driving force for the award winning author, Miss Delphine who I had interviewed not long ago. I must thank her for this inspiration as it is her motto that helped her worked toward the destination she wanted. Big thanks to her. This serves to generate powerful and durable stamina for her years taken to complete her novel. Amazingly awesome.

Here, she illustrated the point well that she is not only a brave lady, but also have the courage to act upon her dreams no matter how many obstacles were ahead of her. Her right attitude of never look back is also worth to be praised and followed.

Read the rest of the article here:

Mark your calendars.

Delphine Pontvieux will partake in the discussion panel about fiction, present and read an excerpt of “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” and sign copies of her novel.

Please forward to all your contacts in the Rockford, Illinois area!

Dear all,

Please find the link to the CCLAP book release party podcast.

It’s a special one-hour live-audience edition of the podcast, recorded at the center’s recent big quadruple book release party at Chicago’s Beauty Bar, August 10th, 2011. Featuring performances from all four authors being promoted that night (Jason Fisk, Sally Weigel, Ben Tanzer and Mark R. Brand), plus surprise performances from fellow local writers Delphine Pontvieux and Robert Duffer, contributors to the center’s new summer anthology, Amsterdamned If You Do.

FYI Pontvieux’s reading starts roughly 3/4 of the way into the podcast

Today is the official release date of AMSTERDAMNED IF YOU DO – AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT SETTING.

Published by CCLAP center in Chicago, and featuring a short story by Delphine Pontvieux
You can download a free copy of the ebook. Like Delphine Pontvieux’s page to access the link to the free download:

If you prefer to order a hardcover copy, it is also possible (check the facebook page)

We hope you enjoy Delphine Pontvieux’s short story, along with those of all the authors that participated in the anthology.

Feel free to send us your comments.

Wishing you a wonderful evening read,

Miss Nyet

We are very excited to present, as an exclusive, the book cover of the new anthology published by CCLAP publishing in Chicago, titled “AMSTERDAMNED IF YOU DO. AN ANTHOLOGY ABOUT SETTING.”
Not only we are proud of it because it features a short story by Delphine Pontvieux, but also because they chose the title of her short story as the main title for the entire collection!

The release date is set for August 15th, 2011

The anthology will be available in both digital version (available for free download from CCLAP website) and one-of-a-kind hand-bound paper version (A collectible item, just like every CCLAP paper book versions.)

Access more info by liking Delphine Pontvieux facebook page:


“ETA-Estimate Time of Arrest”

wins the


in the THRILLER category




Save the date!

Attend the B&N literary fair in Rockford, IL and meet Chicago author Delphine Pontvieux.

When: Sept. 10, 2011

Place: Barnes & Noble at the Cherry Vale Mall

7200 Harrison Ave., Rockford, IL  61112   Tel. 815-332-3069

All day event.

Panel discussion about fiction writing with Delphine Pontvieux and other fiction writers :  4:00-5:00 pm                   

Meet and greet with Delphine Pontvieux and book signing: 5:30-6:30 pm

Check out in a week or so when the September events are listed on the website.

This is the first time Pontvieux is coming to Rockford. Chicago fans, please show your support by forwarding this information via facebook, twitter or email (use the buttons below for an easy one-step click and send) to all your contacts in the Rockford area.

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