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As mentioned by the international press worldwide, ETA has declared that the ceasefire it called 4 months ago back in September is now permanent and general, and adds that it will be verifiable by the international community.

Please click on this link to watch the declaration of permanent ceasefire made by ETA officials (video):

Wall Street journal (article by SANTIAGO PÉREZ AND CHRISTOPHER BJORK):

MADRID—Basque armed-separatist group ETA declared Monday that it will lay down arms for good, the organization said in a video posted on the website of Basque newspaper Gara, but the Spanish government largely rejected the overture.

ETA said its “permanent and general, internationally verifiable” cease-fire is a sign of its commitment to a definitive peace process in the Basque region and toward an end to armed confrontation.

The cease-fire, were it to hold, could put an end to a 42-year campaign of violence to create an independent Basque state.

Click here for the rest of the article:

And here are more links to articles on the subject:


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  1. Here is the transcript of ETA’s declaration of a permanent ceasefire:

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