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Last week end was printers row lit fest in Chicago.

Even though there were a couple rain showers on Saturday and another one on Sunday afternoon, it did not stop Chicagoans from coming in full force to the event.

We never stopped being busy at the Miss Nyet table selling novels, handing out bookmarks, and meeting with writers looking for a publishing deal and/or advice on how to get their manuscript polished and ready to be looked at.

If you did not buy a copy of “ETA -Estimated Time of Arrest” at printers row, now is your chance. We just noticed last night that Amazon was running a special on the novel, at the greatly discounted price of 13.64 $ for the hardcover instead of the regular price of 18.95! (and it is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25).

These special offers tend not to run for long (just a few days at a time, with no advance notice) so don’t delay and take advantage of this amazing offer today!

You can get it here: while it lasts!

Writers, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please check the “Submissions” page for more information.

Fans, we are hoping you are going to vote for Delphine Pontvieux who was just nominated for an oscar in the “Arts and culture category” at the French in Chicago community awards 2010. The vote is public and you have until July 7th to cast yours online. Support Delphine Pontvieux! click here to vote:

Thank you again to all for your contagious enthusiasm and never ending support for all the things we do,

Miss Nyet and Co.


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