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Monthly Archives: June 2010

La maison d’édition de ChicagoMiss Nyet publishing, a installé sa base de diffusion pour l’Europe à Calvisson. Certes, l’attractivité indéniable de notre village a joué, mais c’est aussi parce que Delphine Pontvieux, la gérante de cette PME, y a des attaches: ses parents y vivent et elle y revient régulièrement !

Delphine a pas mal roulé sa bosse, puisqu’elle a quitté la France pour aller travailler àAmsterdam, dans la musique, où sa rencontre avec un certain Tony l’a menée jusqu’àChicago.

Puis elle s’est lancée dans une autre passion, la plongée sous marine (elle est monitrice), et de façon plus générale, la protection des océans et des animaux marins, entre autres.

Après une mission aux Bahamas pour le compte de l’aquarium de Chicago, un magazine de plongée français l’a contactée afin d’écrire un dossier sur cette expédition.

C’est là qu’elle a retrouvé le goût de l’écriture, qui ne l’avait en fait jamais quitté depuis l’enfance !

« Un jour, sans tambours ni trompettes, une idée de roman m’est venue, et je n’ai plus quitté mon ordinateur avant qu’il ne soit terminé!  Et pourquoi ne pas l’éditer moi-même, puisque j’ai une expérience du business et du marketing?»

Sitôt dit sitôt fait, et en juillet 2009 naissait Miss Nyet publishing (un jeu de mot sur le surnom que lui donnait son grand-père : Miss Niet!).

Aujourd’hui, l’entreprise marche bien, et comme un bonheur ne vient jamais seul, elle a entre-temps épousé Tony !

DELP3.jpgPour developper sa boite, elle est à la recherche de nouveaux talents, la diffusion en Europe étant assurée par le « hub » de Calvisson.

Son livre, « E.T.A », (Estimate Time Arrest, un détournement de l’expression américaine courante Estimate Time Arrival)), est d’ailleurs en vente à la librairie de la Grand-Rue, Soleil Vert, et une traduction française est en cours.


Delphine Pontvieux, écrivaine et « business woman » made in Calvisson!

Click here to view the article:


Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Bastille day fest at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 11, 2010 (see related post)

Retail, please take note that “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” is available through BAKER AND TAYLOR worldwide.

The novel was highlighted in the June issue of their catalog, Forecast.

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Last week end was printers row lit fest in Chicago.

Even though there were a couple rain showers on Saturday and another one on Sunday afternoon, it did not stop Chicagoans from coming in full force to the event.

We never stopped being busy at the Miss Nyet table selling novels, handing out bookmarks, and meeting with writers looking for a publishing deal and/or advice on how to get their manuscript polished and ready to be looked at.

If you did not buy a copy of “ETA -Estimated Time of Arrest” at printers row, now is your chance. We just noticed last night that Amazon was running a special on the novel, at the greatly discounted price of 13.64 $ for the hardcover instead of the regular price of 18.95! (and it is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25).

These special offers tend not to run for long (just a few days at a time, with no advance notice) so don’t delay and take advantage of this amazing offer today!

You can get it here: while it lasts!

Writers, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please check the “Submissions” page for more information.

Fans, we are hoping you are going to vote for Delphine Pontvieux who was just nominated for an oscar in the “Arts and culture category” at the French in Chicago community awards 2010. The vote is public and you have until July 7th to cast yours online. Support Delphine Pontvieux! click here to vote:

Thank you again to all for your contagious enthusiasm and never ending support for all the things we do,

Miss Nyet and Co.

i had a certain expectation when i picked this book or any book of this genre. i thought that it would be one of those stories that wraps itself around the lead character blowing up things and people followed by maybe a love interest concluding with climatic big bang ending. i was glad that i was wrong.

eta is not just another shoot’em up story line. this book gives you the opportunity to get involved with the main character but also get attached to the people around him. you don’t get caught up in just “his” story. this book gets you deep into the lives of faustine and her family, as well as giving you an understanding of lartaun’s life leading up to this moment. you can empathize with people’s need to fight for their freedom and understand the conflict of trying, on an individual level as well as a mass level, to right the wrongs and what steps to take.

it keeps you captivated till the very end. brilliant book!

With the support of the Consulate General Of France in Chicago for details

Vive la France…

July 14th is an annual holiday French people celebrate. It’s their National “Bastille Day” which represents the historic date of the end of the Monarchy in France. People usually get together that day in all cities and villages across the country to share good times and remember this major event in French history. The Chicago French Bastille Day will be a one-day celebration of France featuring live entertainment, sports based activities, food tasting and other family-friendly fun.

… Bonjour Chicago!

On Sunday, July 11, 2010, from 10AM to 5PM, all Chicagoans will be invited to become French for a day and to participate in this celebration. Come share Bastille Day festivities and experience the sights, sounds, and flavors of France at Chicago Bastille Day in Soldier Field. The event will take place in Soldier Field and join forces with the EthniCity Soccer competition and with the Live Broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final. Around 15,000 visitors are expected over the course of the festival on July 11th. Access will be open to all.

Admission to the event will be $20 and will include: – Access to Chicago French Festival Village – Access to French Music Festival (stage inside Festival Village). – GA Seat for the EthniCity Soccer competition (Amateur Soccer World Cup Finals in Soldier Field all day) – GA Seat for the Live Broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Championship Game

MISS NYET PUBLISHING, LLC will have a booth there. French born author Delphine Pontvieux will be present all day to sign books and answer all your questions.


Delphine Pontvieux is a guest at the next Groupe Professionel Francophone meeting.

She will present her company, talk about her novel “ETA-estimated Time of Arrest”, followed with a book signing.

What is GPF? : GPF stands for Groupe Professionel Francophone. It is a group  whose mission is to welcome French professionals in Chicago, and to network and connect in a convivial and friendly atmosphere.

When : June 24, 2010

Where: Great Street Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel in Chicago (State & Wacker)

Start time: from 5:30 pm on

Tickets: 6 dollars GPF members / 12 dollars  non-members. Drinks and Hors d’oeuvres.

For more information about GPF and to become a member:

Want to brush up on your French? Come to the event! No “parlez vous francais?”, no problem, everyone speaks English too!


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