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Excerpt from the guardian newspaper : A Spanish court today threw out a case against five newspaper executives accused of belonging to the Basque terrorist group Eta, leaving unanswered questions as to how a magistrate was able to close the Egunkaria paper down in 2003. Egunkaria’s editor, Martxelo Otamendi, who claims to have been tortured by police after the closure, was one of those cleared by national court judges who said that previous judicial decisions may have contravened the country’s constitution.The paper was closed down by armed police acting on a magistrate’s order in 2003 on the grounds it followed Eta’s instructions and had been partly funded by it. Read the rest of the article here:

Watch the short movie below (in Spanish). When Fermin Muguruza -the very artist who wrote the quote on the back of “ETA-Estimated Time of Arrest” dustjacket- received a prize for ‘best song in Euskara’ at the Spanish Music awards in Madrid in 2003, he denounced the forceful closure of Egunkaria, the only newspaper entirely written in Euskara at the time, by armed police acting on a magistrate’s order, and dedicated his prize to the newspaper’s editors who were arrested as a result.


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