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I highly recommend Delphine Pontvieux’s impressive first novel ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest as a definite purchase to fulfill a variety of reading interests. Part political thriller, part romantic suspense, the novel is the perfect read for book clubs and for individual tastes, as well. Ms Pontvieux’s work captures the Basque conflict of nationalism that has involved Northern Spain and parts of Southwestern France since the 1960’s. The author has masterfully integrated this background with a compelling plot that is intriguing and engaging and rich in characterization and imagery. Readers will be captivated by the “twists and turns” of this real page-turner and will finish ETA with hopes of seeing a subsequent novel by Ms. Pontvieux sooner rather than later.
– J.M, Master of Arts in Library Science



  1. Among the many talents of Ms. Pontvieux, telling a story is one that she can add to her repertoire. Upon finishing the prologue of ETA, I was immediately drawn to the shell of the story. Page by page, i was enthralled by the many layers of this thriller that not only captures the essence of the Basque conflict but also of human nature. Ms. Pontvieux’s writing style is mesmerizing in its character building and imagery, making you feel as if you too were on the journey with Lartaun and Faustine. A highly recommended read for anyone, this is truly a work of fiction at its best.

  2. ETA is a thriller that is *un-put-down-able* Delphine’s ability for descriptive writing is excellent. I was drawn into the story and experience. The author’s tale is a twisting of plot and sensuality along with earthreal adventure! This novel kept me up all night until I read the last page! The plot bounces back and forth to keep the reader hungry for the next twist in the adventure! The smells and terrain of the countryside add to the excitement of the theme! Bravissima!

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